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Recreational Activities are not “just for having fun”.

We believe that our recreational activity program is a therapy, and not just for entertainment or a diversion.  Activities promtes wellness in their body, mind and spirit.  


To optimize leisure activity for everyone, all activities we schedule are adaptable to compensate for any and all individuals who may have physical, mental, emotional or social limitations. By removing all barriers to leisure activities, all individuals may fully enjoy leisure activities that are so important to the quality of life.


Families are always welcomed and encouraged
to participate with patients in all activities. 

We believe that family visits play an integral role in enriching the life of a loved one by helping bridge the past and the present and often providing a sense of belonging and self-esteem.

Weekly, regularly scheduled activities offered include interdenominational religious services, physical fitness, table games, crafts, cooking, sing-a-longs, current events, outdoor activities in our beautiful courtyard and movies.    

Patients are also invited to attend special monthly events such as Patient Council meetings, enterntainment performers, community service projects, bus outings, and holiday and birthday parties.

Advocate Sherman West Court’s recreational activities program aims to minimize decline in an individual’s functional status by promoting group and individual activities that develop or maintain an individual’s past or present lifestyle in regards to their leisure enjoyment.